3D Models of Anas Yakoub


Q : I have placed an order but I didn't get the model. Why?
A : You will get the model as soon as I got the success notification from paypal, then I'll email you the files, There is no automatic system, So it took a while for me to get the message with your order, That is why there is a delay. Usualy I work since 8 am till 8pm (gmt+3 time) so there could be a random delay.
Q : Why won't you make the system fully automatic?
A : Maybe in the Future, I'm new to website building :)
Q : What's the graphics program you are working on?
A : Now 3DS MAX 2011
Q : Are the models set with materials and maps?
A : Yes it is, but only for the 3dsmax. For other programs like lightwave or maya you will not get any advanced setups because I don't have those programs, but still you will get the converted model like 3ds, obj and fbx.
Q : What's the rendering engine you are using?
A : Mentalray and vray, it's mentioned in the model's description which one I've used, in some models I've used both.
Q : Are the models scalled?
A : No they're not. They are as big as the real object dimensions.
  If you have any other questions simply email me at: admin@anasyakoub.com